Two Fundraisers to support Haiti survivors

The first picture is the “Fundraiser For Haiti” at Roberts Creek Elementary. I had a sweet student assist me. She was a talented cook, great with customers, and only ten years old!

In this photo: sample platter, pineapple skewers, Orange, Jicama, red onion and cilantro salad, cherry tomato and mango salad with cashew coconut lime dressing, vegetable rice paper rolls

The second picture is the “Hope for Haiti” fundraiser at the Hall. Together, the two events raised something like $17,000 (I contributed $400!)

In this photo: chocolate banana upside down cake with espresso ice cream and caramel sauce, pineapple skewers, coconut rice pudding with cashew, apricot, and coconut orange tuile, sweet potato and fig tart with pumpkin seed meringue

The flavors are inspired by the kind of food you would find in Haiti. The folks at The Shed Kiosk (in Gibsons harbour) did awesome savory food. I wanna go there more often!


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